Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cream on Cream RR: Debbie S. Block

I'm the first to work on Debbie's block it is completely hand pieced together, it's really neat to see! Her textures are really great and it feels like such an elegant block.
I added a lace butterfly over a seam that was pulling out, so it needed something to cover it, the butterfly was perfect! Then I held lace tryouts and I could easily add so much more lace but 3 other ladies still have to work on the block, so I restrained myself to the butterfly and the braid on that curving seam. I added ivory sweetheart roses alternating the sides of the braid.
I've started work on a SRE motif...that spot just jumped out at me as the perfect place for a bouquet and vines! I've only gotten the spiderweb roses in so far they are done using a variegated 4mm silk ribbon the color is called Light French Artichoke and it's an ecru with the slightest tinges of pink and green. I asked Debbie if it would be alright to use it since it does have a tinge of pink, I thought it works well and doesn't say PINK but I wanted to ask just in case she didn't even want a "tinge" of another color. Debbie said it would be alright so I went ahead and used it. I think it's perfect, and if you look it only seems beige but if you look really hard you can see the slight color.

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Anonymous said...

Melissa, love all your work. Can"t wait to follow this block through.Will you be doing a part 3 on your tutorial on how to piece a block? Very informative!! Debbie