Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Monogrammed Tote

My fellow small group leader Terri is also having her birthday this month so I thought I'd surprise her and make a tote for her too!
I used a dark aqua Dupioni silk for the "T" and hand appliqued it on.
Then I hand sewed 3 different sized yo-yo's in aqua and yellow with buttons in green, yellow, and aqua. I tied a yellow organza ribbon in a bow on one of the handles. I hope she loves her tote too.


Ninu said...

such an innovative idea.. she will definetely love this gift..

Kathy said...

Very cute! At one time when needing birthday gifts for kids parties, I would decorate a tote and put a gift in it in lieu of wrapping paper. The canvas totes aren't that more expensive than the paper bags.
Thanks for your comment on the moderation emails. I looked at those settings a dozen times. I put in an invalid email address for notification. The first part was correct but the wrong provider. DUH!!!