Monday, April 05, 2010

Fabric Flower Fun!

I found a Fabric Flower Tutorial that I loved and decided to make some! I liked the look of the double flowers in this flower tutorial in a smaller fashion but prefer the method of petal mading in this flower tutorial. The bottom layer has 6 petals, and the top layer has 3 petals with a button or bead in the middle! Then I either sewed a loop of fabric or elastic onto the back, but pretty much anything can be attached to the back to use them in tons of ways!
To make the different sizes I just used different round objects to create the circles the same way you'd make different size yo-yo's.
The smaller flowers I used a spool of thread for the circle.
This is a small one with elastic on the back that I slipped onto my new puppy Ginger's tiny collar.
This bigger flower I used a 1/3 Cup measuring cup for the circle it has a fabric loop on the back and I slipped it onto my pink pearls for a pendent.
Here's another on my dog Madie's collar it also has elastic on the back. She didn't like the bigger flowers so I made a small one using a spool of thread for the circles so that she barely notices it on her collar.
I also made one for Bekah in a blue floral fabric with a big blue bead in the center and made it a headband by attaching a large elastic loop custom fit for her head.


Annie said...

Melissa...These flowers are just cute!..that's just about all there is to say!...The little flower for Madie is precious and hope to see a photo of you in that pink necklace!...Great for summer!...Thank you for all of your sharing info. and creativity...Hope you had a nice Easter day too...Blessings Annie

TypsTatting said...

What a wonderful idea. I can see hair ties made out of them with the elastic on the back of them!!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Annie, I'll try to remember to take a photo when I wear it!

TypsTatting, I did actually make a headband for a girl with a loop of elastic that fit her head! I'll stick a photo up, I didn't get the best photo of her in it but I got an okay one.

Bonnie said...

Super Cute. Thank you for sharing the links. They would make a cute accessory for a handmade purse or bag.