Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Princess Blocks

I do believe that this Princess block is finished! I finished up my green sequin line, added clear beads to the tatted flower centers and added a pink butterfly sequin with a flight path.
Then I started working on this block. I pinned a few things on and added butterfly sequins with flight paths to add movement to the block since it's a little square-ish. The thread I used to attach the butterfly sequins and do the flight path is a mixture of 2 threads. One strand pink floss and one strand aqua floss, the aqua seems to dominate but I think the combo looks neat.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Oh WOW! OH WOW! OH WOW!!!! I so love what you are doing to this block! I love the butterfly with the beaded trail! How original and beautiful! And you know I totally adore the tatting along the edge of the princess. SOOOOOOO Cute and dainty and perfect for the block. and the other trail of butterflies so goes with this block and the bugs at the bottom and the looping around the flowers... What can I say? So wonderful. You are soooo sweet!