Monday, April 14, 2008

Adding Tatting to a Shirt

Yesterday I got this cute light weight cotton top for not very much money at WalMart and just love it! So cute and comfortable, perfect for summer! I was thinking that this would be a perfect top for adding just a touch of tatting to the neckline, something that would keep it casual yet be a little bit of what I love added.
So, I started a simple Hen & Chicks pattern in blue size 10 DMC Cebeilia. I'm not usually fond of blue so I didn't have much thread and sizes to choose from. I think clothing is the only "blue" exception I make since it looks so nice with jeans. Anyway I'm going to just add tatting to the front section of the neckline, if you look closely you'll see there are 2 seams on either side of the neckline where the sleeves start and that's the extent of my embellishment just between those seams. I think I'll only need about 8 repeats of the pattern which is good because size 10 thread is really hard on my fingers and I can't tat with it long. I do wish I had that color thread in a size 20 or 30 instead but oh well.
Funny thing as I was going through my tatting thread stash I noticed that when I pick a color to buy for thread I pick greens! LOL So mostly I have white, cream, ecru some pink and then greens with maybe the occasional purple or blue! I love traditional stuff so creams and ecrus are usually my favorite and I like them because of the antiquey feel of the tatting in that color.
Click Here to see the finished shirt!


TattingChic said...

How pretty. I can't wait to see it finished. I've done a couple of T-shirts embellished with tatting. It's kinda fun. I'm with you on the whole ecru, cream, antiquey look of tatting. Most things that I have tatted are in those colors. It's also easier for me to decorate with in my home.

Melissa said...

That's how I feel too I just can't imagine me setting out a bright colors doily! LOL I don't mind motifs and such for CQ or other things but if I'm going to have it decorating a table I want it elegant, and antiquey! LOL Maybe with the only exception being like a luncheon set or something where a color would be appropriate.