Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Look, look who I got hooked!!!

Now that I'm back in CA I showed my dear friend Wendy all my CQ and Silk Ribbon Embroidery, and guess what!?!! She wanted to learn! I'm so excited she pulled out a bunch of fabrics she had saved that she didn't know why she had saved them (oh yeah she was a crazy quilter in waiting) and I started teaching her how to piece and this is the result! Isn't it awesome! It's a 6 inch block, I felt 6 inch is a good starting out size perfect for learning and not overwhelming. There is only one little spot that got missed but it's the perfect spot for a SRE motif so not a problem at all! I'll try to get an updated photo up soon to show her progress! She's totally a natural CQer! I'm having such a blast with her it's the best! It's my first time getting to share what I know with someone in person too! Nah I'm not excited at all!!! (yeah right!) LOL

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