Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heart for Elizabeth: Embellishment Finished

Here is the Heart with the embellishment all finished! Here is the before embellishment post.
This little Tatted Cross that I tatted in a variegated size 80 DMC tatting thread is a pattern that Elizabeth Zipay created and shared on her blog. The pattern is intended for a larger thread size so it was a little difficult to do in size 80 but I did it AND doing it in "front-side/back side" tatting! The tiny little cross is only 1 inch from top to bottom!
I also did two seams with feather stitch in green floss and size 15 seed beads in gold.
In this area I added some lace to a seam with some flower sequins with gold seed beads and also stem stitched the world "Loved" in variegated rayon thread (which was a pain to do it in!!!) and added a little gold dragonfly bead.
Here I took green bugle beads and sewed them on in the shape of an "E" and added a tatted doodle flower that I just made up with the left over thread on the shuttle from tatting the cross and I sewed a gold bead to the center. A basic rings only starting with 10-5 then onto 5+5-5 and ending 5+10 to total 5 rings leaving no space between rings. Simple but cute.
Here I cut out a rose shape from some pale green vintage lace and added heart sequins with milky seed beads.
Click Here to see the finished Heart Applique


Elizabeth said...

It's so lovely! The tatted cross looks great :-) Kudos to you for tackling it in size 80 (that's actually the size I usually use for it), but it can be a challenge.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for showing us everything up close. I really appreciate it.

Lilla said...

Thanks for looking in.
Be loading some more silk embroidery soon. I think you are very clever being able to do tatting, I am darned if I can, tried a bit.
Have a shuttle or two so maybe I'll get to do it one day.
anyway have a blessed week
aloha Lilla

My Ladies Fine Designs said...

Great crazy quilt. Wonderful stitches, you're talented. Glad I stumbled upon this blog.

Echo said...

The cross is my favorite!