Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little Pink Tatted Hearts

I finally got around to tatting up that second heart. Click Here for all the info I posted with the first one. I did them both the same even trying my best to get the variegation to match! I think I did pretty well! I can see differences in the heart though but I doubt the girls will see them.
As you can see they are very very very small but adorable! Now I just need to stiffen them and add a jump ring to the top! I even picked out a cute chain to put them on that is hearts for the links!!! I have to wait for the heart chains to arrive in the mail to see if they will be perfect together though.


TattingChic said...

Oh, those are sweet little hearts! I can tell you were careful to start at the same color change in the thread. They are very similar in their coloring!They are beautiful, Melissa!

Torie said...

How sweet of you to make these for those youth group gals. very cute and I love the possible chain you'll be using for them. I actually bookmarked the site for my jewlery making crafts.