Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Green Heart Necklace

All the girls at Uturn (youth group) just ooo and ahh over the heart necklaces, and since we started small groups me and the other leader for our small group decided to use them for birthday gifts for our girls along with a journal. This one is for a young lady who loves green! Our small group name is Love Out Loud with the verse 1Cor. 16:14 "Do everything in love." So the hearts are fitting gifts.
I used Yarnplayer's size 30 "Forest" thread! I loved how the veriagation was shorter distances than other kinds and I like how it turned out. Although I think I like the pendants in size 80 thread better but I didn't have any in dark green at the time but...heehee any excuse to buy more thread right? LOL So I ordered me up some more colors of size 80! So it seems I'll be making these regularly! Unless I find another small heart pattern I love just as much, this one seems faster to do than most. I enjoy how I can tat it up in a day and stiffen it the same day.
I also used a normal 18 inch chain this time, I want those friendship necklaces I made before to keep their specialness. (By the way both girls wear them everyday!!!)
Pattern is Peacock Heart by Birgit Phelps


Anonymous said...

How beutiful! You have me wanting to learn how to do tatting but no where in my area to learn so I will have to try to do it with a book and the help of your tutorials. How long does it take you to do one of these hearts?

Melissa said...

Thank you! It takes me about 30-60 minutes since it is only 3 rings and the rest is chains around forming the heart shape!
I was recently recommended a book/dvd set for beginners and I think you might like to get it too here is the link:
and to purchase the set is:

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Awesome! It's so gratifying to have people enjoy your creations.

"Love out Loud"...what a brilliant concept!

TattingChic said...

Melissa, the heart is so pretty in that green! What a special gift. It's so nice that it's being shared with all the girls!

Rachel said...

Thanks for all the wonderful information on tatting. I actually bought myself the book you recommended and 2 different tatting shuttles off of eBay cant wait for them to get here so I can get started! I also added you to my blogs I like to watch so if I need help in the future I know where to go!
in Christs Love

Pam said...

Melissa. I love the little hearts your making. They look so beautiful on the chains. My I ask what you use to stiffen them with.
Thanks Pam UK

Melissa said...

Thank you everyone!!! All your comments make me just as thrilled as when the girls love them upon receiving them!
Pam I just used white glue mixed with water for these since they aren't archival pieces but jewelery to be worn. I've heard starch works well too as well as store bought stiffeners and hairspray.

Tatskool said...

Your necklaces are beautiful, the hearts are perfect and the chains are very unusual...where did you find them. I am not surprised that the girls loved them.….HDT

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello! I came here searching for free embroidery patterns for a friend. I see you love your youth. I'm knee deep in youth-love myself! So fun to see hurting kids turn around!!! We had what looked like impossible circumstances... turned around so nicely with prayer! Smooth :) Thanks for what you are doing. Kids are so failed by so many adults today.
There is a type of 'facebook' called on the net for youth workers if you want to join!
Phyllis Covington

Kirsten said...

Melissa, this heart is lovley.
Although I planned to copy your idea, to tat a heart as a pendant, I haven't yet.
But I can share my little heart pattern, if you are looking for other small hearts.
It's done in 30 minutes too.
You will need two shuttles for this.
Adding picots to the chains is optional. I have done it before but no photo of this version.


Melissa said...

Thanks Kirsten! I've tatted some similar hearts as that one, very sweet, I'll tat that one too for sure!
I love turning tatted hearts into pendants they are prime for it too!