Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pretty Stash in Jars

Recently I was inspired to put stash in those pretty jars you find for the kitchen and have it out in the open so when I was browsing target I got 3 in different sizes. One for lace, DMC floss, and silk ribbon spools. I love it!
Here's a link to the glass jars online.
I put them on top of my little curio cabinet for now. I can reach them and they are out of the way yet I can see them. It's a fun way to have some of my stash, I enjoy it.


TattingChic said...

Hi Melissa! Nice stash, pretty jars and lovely display!
Love it all.

Congrats again and I'm glad you won!

Laurakis said...

Great!!! i recently did the same with old jam jars and even designed a lace crochet doily for them. you can see it in my blog... also pattern for free in Ravelry... (nickname Laurakis).
Your blog is wonderful, i would love to add you to my links if you let me do it!.