Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cell Phone Pouch

 Lilla has a tutorial on her blog for how to make a folded fabric pouch so I learned how to make it and then created a pouch for my cell phone!!!  I just got a new phone for my birthday and I don't want it to get scratched in my purse so this was a great solution...and pretty! ;)
I used my own measurements for the pouch though so that it would fit my phone well. I used a 25inches long strip by 4 inches wide. The finished size is 5x3.5, my wonderful hubby helped me figure out the math! LOL
 I added a liner of microfiber.  I didn't know any other way other than just sewing up a liner and then blind stitching it into place.  I used a microfiber cloth bought from the 99cents store and cut it up.  I figure this way it's a soft cleaning lining that is a little cushion too.
 Here is the back you can't even see the tiny stitches to sew in the lining.  I wish I had lined up the print better so it would be seen on the back too but I'm not good at guessing those things and it was my first time sewing something like this up.  I'll need practice to be able to do it better.
 On the front I added some vintage laced to the flap as I sewed it up.  Then as a closure I used a bracelet toggle clasp set of a hummingbird and a wreath.  It's perfect not too much trouble to use and it doubles as a pretty embellishment too!


Lilla said...

Totally cool and useful.
You can also add the lining as you fold, just arrange a bit and it should be no trouble. Your way is great too.
Whatever works. I love it when someone tries my projects. I do try to keep them simple.
Lovely and thanks aloha Lilla

Melissa said...

Thanks Lilla! I love to do things like this but I feel like I'm all thumbs when it comes to real sewing and construction so I'm always thrilled when someone shares a tutorial that is simple yet completely useful!
I wanted to add the lining in as I fold but I couldn't wrap by brain around how to do it! LOL I think I would need a diagram or something I'm going to have to make a couple of testers in muslin maybe with numbers written on the sections so I can help myself understand what ends up where when it is finished.
Thanks again for sharing how to make these!

Bluebell said...

Hi Melissa, that is such a pretty phone pocket and you did a good job, what a brilliant idea to use a microfibre cloth for the lining, I learn so much from all the blogs it's great.
Love Jill

Karla Hartzog said...

Very nice! The toggle is a great idea!'Mind if I steal it for my book covers? Karla

Linda said...

Lining the pouch with a microfiber cleaning cloth is brilliant!