Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tarnished Gold: A Little Birdie

I got the idea to add a little bird, so I sifted through a bunch of vintage patterns to find one and this little guy is the one I chose!

I traced him onto quilters paper and then stitched through the paper and tearing it away when finished.

I don't really like using the quilters paper but sometimes it really is the best option.  The patch of fabric is one of those kind of fabrics that you can't draw on because it will snag and ink will run, an iron-on isn't a good option on a crazy quilt quilters paper it was.  LOL  I really hate tearing it away!  There's always the water solvable Solvy but that wasn't viable either since crazy quilts aren't really made for getting wet either, especially this one.  And plastic is even worse to tear away than the quilters paper.

So does anyone else have a method that they really dislike but use anyway because it works and is usually the best option?

I stitched him in using different threads for the different areas, his wings are a variegated brown thread, and his fluffy area is a metallic thread, as well as his beak.  His eye is a little black sequin with a tiny seed bead.

I love how it seems that the lady in the silkie is looking at him!

Next I'm going to add some tiny honeysuckle vines in the background of this yellow patch.


Marjolein said...

This is a cute little birdie!
I have never used quilters paper. It is something I will keep in mind when I want to transfer a motive.

Corina said...

Pretty birdie, love the way the lady looks at it.