Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lace Finger "Shields"

I'm tatting another snowflake right now, but I wanted to share my little idea to protect my fingers from thread burn!  My pinky and middle fingers always get so sore when I do tatting and it gets unbearable if I do a lot at once.  I had a scrap of lace nearby and so one day as I was tatting I picked it up and pinned it around my pinky finger to shield it from the thread.  I kept using it over and over and it was working pretty well so today I decided to sew it, and one for my middle finger as well since the top of it gets sore from using it to pull the knots tight into place.
In the past I would use band-aids  but what I've found was that the thread usually slips from the more slick untextured band-aid right onto my skin where the edge of the band-aid about annoying!  I used a stretchy lace that is kind of thick but not too thick.  It's like elastic but in lace form so not as thick and stiff.  I simply sewed down the edge of the lace to the size that would fit my finger and then clipped the edges.  I left the seam in place, sticking out, because it helps add more protection as a thicker ridge.  Also because the lace is textured the thread doesn't slip around!
It's the perfect solution!  Now I can tat and not get sore fingers from the thread on my sensitive skin!  YAY
Now back to tatting so I can finish this snowflake!  LOL

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