Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crazy Quilt Throw: Four Block, Block

I started making a larger block with four small blocks from my Cream Crazy Quilt Throw.  I figure if I make these larger blocks maybe it will be easier to keep working on them in larger chunks at a time.  At first I went to lay out all 48 to see how to put them together but what I saw was it doesn't really matter they are all really well randomized in the piecing so I can just throw 4 together and it will work...I'll make it work! LOL  I forgot what the size was going to be so I had to check back on my blog posts and found that I had decided on 8 blocks by 6 blocks.  So I'll need 8 blocks of 4 and then 4 blocks of 2.  I might add the blocks of 2 to some 4's to create 4 blocks of 6 which would make it overall into 8 larger sections to work on before piecing those together.  Anyway 48 single blocks just feels so overwhelming, which I believe is why it's sat for a few years with just a little work here and there.  It feels a little overwhelming to piece these all together too but I think if I can get going it will start to snowball for me.  Crossing my fingers that I can keep it up...I kinda see it as a miracle that I even have all 48 pieced in the first place!!! HAHAHA  I started in Sept. 2007 finished piecing in June 2009, and now starting to put those together in Aug. 2013 sheesh!!!

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margaret said...

this is going to be pretty amazing and now you have started working on it again I am sure you will enjoy the stitching.