Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wandering Rose Memorial

I have a bit of bad news.  My dear sweet friend of 15 years passed away from cancer on Oct. 12th.  I don't know how many readers I still have that also knew her but Wendy aka Wandering Rose also did Crazy Quilting and Embroidery.  I remember when I first taught her CQ and she created her first block and also started a blog.  I was her friend when she met her wonderful husband and in her wedding.  She created a beautiful Wedding Pillow for an Anniversary Gift for me which I treasure very much!  She did beautiful thread painting, and created quilts for her children (that I also got to help her with).  She always amazed me in all that she accomplished and did!  She was a beautiful person and I got to be her friend.  She was there for me when I needed her, always gave the best hugs and made you feel valuable just because you were YOU.  We laughed together and we cried together!  We had bad times and wonderful good times!  If you need a laugh read this story she shared that cracked me up so bad and still gives me a giggle.  It's really hard to write this but I know I need to as part of my grieving process.

The wonderful thing about Needle Artists is that many of us share a common thread of having very romantic hearts.  There's a saying that is very popular in Crazy Quilting that makes an appearance on many quilts and that is this:  "When This You See Remember Me"
I will never forget her, she will forever reside in my heart as the dearest of friends.  I recently saw a quote on Pinterest that I thought was perfectly fitting of Wendy as well as what she would want each and every person to know about themselves as well:
"Always remember you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as you'd ever imagine."
I was thinking over what I wanted to do and I thought of a Memorial Crazy Quilt Block to honor her but I had no idea how I would start it when I looked over and saw an old block that has been unfinished for years.  It's from the time before cancer and Wendy touched it and she loved it and the theme is ROSES, roses, roses and the colors are the exact colors I think of when I think of her.  Bright, bold and beautiful.  It's the perfect block to finish into a Wandering Rose Memorial.  I seem to do my best work when it has love and meaning behind it, and that's probably why that block sat for so long it never had a purpose.  But now it will and in my mind I can envision such a beautiful work filled with roses because that was her favorite flower of all time!

So yes I am still here and I do still love Crazy Quilting and Embroidery and everything!  A lot has happened in the last year or so since I've last blogged here.  But now I will be working on this project and blogging it.  Wendy deserves nothing short of the best eye candy I can create!  LOL  She would love that!  And that is what I will do!

Wendy I will always love you!

Wendy Lynn Blake
May 14, 1976 - October 12, 2014


Karen Lunagirl said...

What a beautiful memorial for your friend! It sounds like you were truly blessed with her friendship. I'm so sorry for your loss. -- Karen

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm so sorry that you have lost a special friend. I'm sure that as you stitch your block you will recall all the wonderful times the two of you had together!

I still have a special box set aside with all the CQ goodies you sent me when I broke my wrist. With retirement less than two years away, I know I will think of you when I finally have time to stitch to my heart's content!

María del Pilar Braghieri said...

Qué dolor cuando se pierde una amiga ...! Lo siento mucho y sé lo que es, pues he perdido varias compañeras de Escuela! Quédate en el Blogger y entre todas nos ayudaremos! Saludos desde Argentina.

margaret said...

I did not know your friend but my prayers go out to you and her family at this sad time. You have wonderful memories that will stay with you for ever and I am sure she will be looking down and watching you complete the crazy block in her memory

Cathy Kizerian said...

Oh my goodness! I remember Wendy so fondly, and have some of her stitching from round robins we were in together. I didn't know she had cancer, so this is devastating news. My heart goes out to you and her family. I just scanned your article and will now go back and read every.single.word. Wow, this is so sad. Hugsxxx