Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Gift: Applique 'B'

I was slacking and didn't pre-plan making a baby gift for Wendy's shower so last minute I had the idea to do a monogram applique! So I choose 'B' which could be for their last name, baby, or boy since they still haven't picked a name yet! LOL
All I did was open Word type in a 'B' made it size 300 went through the fonts till I found one I liked printed it out. Then I just placed the paper under the fabric, since the fabric was a thin striped textured teal cotton, and traced it with the water erasable pen. I looked up reverse applique since I hadn't done that before and This Web Site was very helpful.
I'm so surprised that I love doing hand applique so much and I love how they turned out! So cute!

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Wendy said...

They turned out sooooo cute. Thank you so much for them. I am going to steal your photo to post them on my blog as soon as I get all the baby shower pictures together. And I am so happy that your mother-in-law loved the heritage photo. It truly is a stunning work of art.
Big Hugs,