Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gift: SRE Embellished Family Portrait-Finished

Yay!!! I finally got it finished just in time for our gift exchange! Here it is all framed!
Now let me show you the progress from where I left off last!
I added vines in! I created them by drawing them freehand with an air-erasable fabric pen and then stem stitched them in using 1 strand DMC floss! Next I used 4mm green silk ribbon and added ribbon stitch leaves. To get nice looking leaves I start at the tip and work backwards trying to keep them evenly spaced as I go.
Next I added more ribbon stitch leaves to the floral frames. Also I added some flower buds in yellow to fill in any extra gaps left open. I used yellow 4mm silk ribbon in a 3 wrap French knot for the buds.
After all that the very last thing I added was some green seed beads to the vines to give it the perfect finishing touch!
Here is what it looks like with the matting around it!
I attached it to the backing of the frame which was a normal store bought frame you add photos to. I didn't do anything special just took large zig-zag stitches across the back to pull the fabric tight into place on the backing.
Usually I like to cover the back with a wrapping paper to make it look prettier but since the hanging wire was on the backing instead of the frame part I just left it as it...which doesn't look too bad to me this time.
After all that I printed up a label with my name, signature, and date with a special word "Cherished". I also enhanced it a bit by adding a touch of glitter to the word Cherished, the bird, and the heart on the letter!

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Anonymous said...

Just lovely! I'm sure it will be cherished!