Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Gift: SRE Embellished Family Portrait-Progress

I started on this Christmas Gift and took photos of my progression of silk ribbon embroidery around the photos!
First I started with some Sweetheart Roses done in 7mm light pink silk ribbon.
Then I started adding yellow 4mm Sweetheart Roses in clusters of three.
Next I started adding random Sweetheart Roses in a 4mm dark pink silk ribbon.
After that I started adding in a medium pink 4mm silk ribbon Sweetheart Roses also in random places. I wanted the feel of a picked bouquet.
Here is a photo of all the Sweetheart Roses all around in all the colors!
I changed my plan from adding little blue silk ribbon flowers to adding little blue beaded flowers instead! I created tiny forget-me-nots in size 15 seed beads in a lovely blue with gold centers.
That was a lot of work to get done but I'm still not finished!!! I still need vines coming out of the center and leaves etc.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!!!