Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kid's Christmas Gift Pillows

My dear friend Wendy has 3 kids who ADORE handmade gifts! Seriously they love the handmade ones more than any toy, it's amazing! So I enjoy making gifts for them! Here are their pillows I created for them for Christmas, each one unique to them!
Joseph is the oldest so I used a Camouflage Flannel print and then Appliqued a bright green 'J' (which looks lighter in the photo it's more vivid in person) and I found a cool lizard print fabric that I cut out a couple of lizards from and one I appliqued on with the 'J' and the other I sewed into a stuffed toy!
Rebekah is the middle kid and loves all things girly and sweet! I used a sweet rose bud print flannel fabric for her pillow. Also I used a bit more of a fancy font for her 'R' and cut out a scene from a print in a oval shape and appliqued that on as well. The eye cover I bought and just set it on the corner, funny thing about Rebekah is she actually wears an eye cover when she sleeps!!! LOL I also thought it was neat that it had the word 'relax' on it that also starts with 'R' LOL!
Jeremy is the baby so I used a cute monkey print with a camouflage background flannel fabric for his pillow and I appliqued a bright banana yellow 'J'! Then I cut 2 of the monkeys out and sewed them into a little stuffed toy that I then attached to a "vine" of fuzzy yarn and sewed into the top seam of the pillow. That way the monkey won't get lost and he swings around playfully!


Deborah~ said...

What absolutely darling pillows, Melissa! My grandchildren would love these! So cute!
Thank you for stopping by my blog recently. I like at "baby Bella," too!!


Goodquestionskippy said...

Oh man I looove Bekah's TOOO CUTE!

Wendy said...

Thank you so much!!!!! The kids love them!!!!!!