Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2010 ESD Enchanted Challenge: Fairy Treasure - Center Motif

Well, here's a better look at the center motif! You can click on any of the photos to see them larger.
This was the last part of the whole block I worked on which made it difficult but I don't really see how I could have worked on it first. I needed the inspiration of the whole block to really know what I wanted to do there! Sometimes you just can't control how your creative process flows no matter how badly you want to! LOL And even after leaving it for last I had a vague idea of what I wanted but no solid ideas to get it done. Then I finally got the idea to place vintage earrings around and put foliage in around them. The problem was I had run out of vintage jewelery!!! So I went to my local antique store and found some pieces that looked great in the area. Some of the earrings needed the large clip on backs taken off so that they would sit on the block well. My husband used his Dremel to remove them! ♥
I also used some vintage marquee shape montees and a large rhinestone.
For the foliage I used 2 shades of green silk ribbon and worked them in a french knot with a loop left at the top. Usually with that combination stitch there is an added french knot in floss added to make a little flower. I also created a few of those flowers as you can see in the above photo. All those knot/loop leaves were a pain to create for sure! LOL They are very finicky and can get snagged and pulled too tight too easy, but that was the look I wanted and so I trudged on creating them!
I also created a couple long leaves on each side with the same ribbon in a long twisted ribbon stitch that I couched with a little seed bead. The flowers I created to go with them are created using 3 straight stitches with 2 colors ribbon and the stems made with one strand floss with a french knot at the base of the flower.


Ruby said...

This is so amazing. You are so generous to share all the how-tos and photos. Viewing your work on this piece has been a real joy! Thanks

Debbie said...

Melissa, this certainly is a beautiful piece that you"ve created. It sure looks like a winner in my book! Debbie (Maine)

Jill K said...

Melissa, congrats! Absolutely beautiful! I had to share this with our readers on the River Silks blog. This is inspirational for ribbon users.

Melissa said...

Thanks Jill!!! I love River Silks but I've not had a chance to get a good selection of colors I wish I had used them for these finicky loop knot leaves, the dark green is some obscure ribbon I got at a needlework store because the color was what I needed but that ribbon is the lowest quality which is still pretty but it frays so easy it drives me nuts! I hate working with the fray-easy ribbon!
Does your site sell the ribbon?