Saturday, November 13, 2010

Elizabeth's Christmas Ornaments!

This was all created Oct.1 but I haven't had the chance to blog it until now!!!
This is Elizabeth!
She LOVES to create stuff!
She wanted to learn to sew so we started with a small CQ heart to turn into an ornament, but she almost despaired when she saw how her heart was turning out. When I looked at it I didn't see it as "messed up" I saw the start of the style of fiber art I see online all the time so I suggested that she sew bits of lace on random fashion like Lilla LeVine does! She loved that idea and here is the result! I told her this was the perfect example of what my Art Teacher would always say "Art is making order out of chaos!".
Isn't it amazing!!! I loved it so much that she let me have it for my own Christmas tree! How special it's truly a treasure to me! I suggested adding some embellishments to make it extra pretty and she didn't feel like doing that but said I could go ahead and do that part! LOL She's not into fine detail work yet, but I remember being that way myself! LOL
Here is the finished Ornament after I added a few finishing embellishments. I think our collaboration turned out to be a wonderful memory that I will cherish every year as I place it on my tree!
Here's three other ornaments she made and this time she sewed on some embellishments! Aren't they so creative and cute!?! Every year our church does a Ladies Ornament Exchange and she says she's going to use these as her Ornaments as a set.
She also whipped together a couple of blocks to stick in her school binder.

Next post I'll show you the ornaments I made while she was making hers!!!

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