Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 ESD Enchanted Challenge: Fairy Treasure - Right Side of Piece

The lower right got a little more added than the last time I posted about it. It now had a couple of keys tucked in and the scallop seam treatment has a bit more added to it.
Along the right edge I put a piece of dyed lace to act as moss and a double sequin butterfly.
Here is a closer look at the fern with the 2 keys tucked in around it!
The scallops got a fine lazy daisy and stright stitches in between them and some beaded leaves on the rounded parts. I also added some little yellow Fargo Flowers (not the same as the Sweet Heart Rose but similar) from JBM's Floral Stitches book on page 94.
Here is a closer look at the crystal heart "necklace" I added using one of the challenge fibers that is couched down with a gold thread in tiny running stitches. A couple more double sequin butterflies are fluttering about it as well!Here's a look at the fluttering of double sequin butterflies! What I did was use 2 of the same shaped sequin and overlapped them. Underneath is a gold one and over it is a clear one which calmed the tone of the gold and even added a greenish tinge making the butterflies just perfect!
You can also see another key tucked in this area. I also added some green feather stitches as background greenery.
I added a large vine that I created by a feather stitch wandering about and then I added ribbon stitch leaves to each arm and then added gold bead caps with gold pearls for flowers.
I added a piece of feather trim with another key tucked in on top of it. Also below the feathers is a fancy button on top of some rushed fiber from the challenge package.
I added a gorgeous bee buzzing about and above the bee is a seam of cretan stitch in shiny gold thread.
I added a little floral motif over the top of some more of the dyed lace acting as moss. The motif is made using stem stitch for the stems, lazy daisies as the leaves with seed beads added to the centers, and for the flowers is 5 petals of ribbon stitch with a slight loop left on the tips and a gold seed bead in the center.
I tucked in a bit more feather stitching at the top. In the center is a Keyhole that I added gold glitter to the center since I didn't like what was in the center previously. I think the glitter adds the the magical feel!
To the left of the keyhole is a piece of hand dyed lace and a string of pearls. The original set of pearls was too large so I removed the clasp and added my own gold pearls and sewed it all down!
WOW that was a lot to look at and explain!!! And yet I still have so much more to share!!!
More to come...


Ruby said...

Amazing! By the inch! LOL. Just lovely!

Raphaela said...

This is a wonderful CQ. Thank you so much for sharing all the details. There is such a lot to discover.

Deborah~ said...

Gorgeous crazy quilt!! My goal is to create one someday. I think yours is a masterpiece, Melissa.


Jackie said...

It looks gorgeous!!!