Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Annual Christmas Ornament Creations

This was all created Oct.1 but I haven't had the chance to blog it until now!!!
On the far right is the collaboration ornament of Elizabeth and me and the other 2 to the left are the ones I created while she was having fun creating!
Here's my first one which I choose to keep for myself. Every year I make Christmas Ornaments: One for our tree, one for Wendy, and one for the annual Ladies Ornament Exchange at our church.
This is the second one I made and Wendy loved it so it will be hers!
This last one was created after I saw Allie Aller's Crumb Piecing Tutorial! I just took all the scraps from my and Elizabeth's creations, crumb pieced them and then cut it down into a square. I think it still needs a few extra sparkly embellishments before it's totally finished but it is really cute as is too!

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