Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tea Party Blocks Being Pieced: The Rest

 Here are the remaining 5 of 8 blocks!  Now I've just got to sew them all together to create one large piece.  Normally people embellish each block and then sew them all together but just like with Fairy Treasure I want this one to have that same whole-cloth feel instead of a separate blocks feel. So that is why I'm going to sew them all together first!  There are pros and cons to each method and for what I want the pros weigh in favor of sewing them together FIRST! LOL

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Bluebell said...

Hi Melissa, this is going to be lovely, I love the fabrics you have used. You mention that most people embellish before they put the blocks together, is it o.k to put the blocks together and then embellish? I have done half of my blocks they are 10" blocks and I thought if I embellish after it is pieced it would have more of a flow but, as it is my first I am a bit unsure.
Love jillx