Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Starting A Crochet Throw

So I had bought some variegated yarn and a book of quick and easy stitches and planned to pick one and create a Throw!  The Stitch Pattern I choose was Treble Rhapsody from the book 100 Quick & Easy Crochet Stitches.  I figure why not dive in and make something bigger like that right off the bat!

I had been watching some youtube videos of Meladora's Creations and they were really helpful to give me confidence seeing visually how patterns work out.  She also explained what the meaning of things like 12 plus 16 meant so that I was able to use this stitch pattern and make it the size I'd like!  I used the throw that is in my lap as a general size guide, I had the choice of making it just shy or a bit bigger and I was like...ehh this is pretty big I'll make it just a tad smaller!  LOL  Plus that means just a little bit less work!!! LOL LOL LOL

I finished 3 rows last night!  I had read through the entire pattern to make sure I understood and boy was it hard for me to decipher sometimes but I felt I got it...then I started and got a little stuck on this pattern's puff stitch it's kinda odd so I ended up looking up videos and saw how other puff stitches are made and then went back to this pattern's instructions of it's puff stitch and was able to work it out!  For some reason I had not seen the first "yo"...my guess is that my brain read it like "Yo, insert hook as indicated..."!!! LOL I can't be sure I might have just had first learning "tunnel vision" too!  BUT dag-nabbit if those darn abbreviations don't throw me off while reading!  Well I'm starting to read them as the words now but man it takes training my brain to do it like teaching kids sight words!!! HAHA!

Today I have my class at JoAnn's and I'm excited about it too!  So tomorrow I should have some of that project to show and tell!

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