Monday, May 29, 2017

Updates for 2017

Hi All!  It's been a long while since last blogging and I haven't done much since then, life is funny like that.  Well I went through another move and now I'm working on setting up my Art Studio again so that I can start working on Crazy Quilting again!  My plan at the moment is to start working on my Cream Crazy Quilt Throw again to get my feet wet with the creative process once again.  Other things just feel too overwhelming to think about so I figure why not pull that out and start adding embellishments as it feels right.  Get that creative flow going!

Another thing that I'm doing at the moment is starting to do Crochet once again!  I've tried off and on since I first learned as a kid and each time I would do a little and get stuck at some point with no help to be found!  Thank God this day and age has lots and LOTS of help online and with videos!  Just last night I had several of my questions finally answered while watching a few videos on YouTube!  YAY!  I also signed up for a beginner Shells Shawl class at JoAnn's this week so I should have one project done with some help soon!  The other day I sat down and got my crochet stuff out to refresh myself on all the basics.  I made a few swatches of each basic stitch just to work out questions and what not.  I'm impressed with myself that my crochet work is looking NICE!!!  I used to have such trouble with too tight tension and very uneven stitching but now I'm able to control it much better and my work looks really nice!  I think my years of embroidery and tatting have helped up my eye-hand coordination and crossed over to crochet!  I love when stuff like that happens!

Refresher complete! From Single Crochet up to Treble Crochet.

OH and P.S. Yup I have a cat now!!!  A Siberian which is allergy friendly so that I can now finally snuggle a cat and have no ill effects!!!  Isn't he cute!  His name is Percival and we call him Percy!  And he loves purring all the time, Purrrcival!  He thought the yarn was for him to play with!  I gotta keep a watch on that bugger or he will have a little too much fun!  HAHA

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's good to see a post from you again! Whenever I see something about crazy quilting, I think of you. I still have my box of goodies from you, and if daughter Joanne and I manage to get my sewing room in order, I will soon be back to crazy quilting!