Friday, November 23, 2007

Gift Scarf

Here is another finished gift! I'm really on a roll with Christmas gifts, I don't want to be rushing as time gets closer. I've been enjoying working on lots of different projects. I really love how this one turned out too!
What I did was take a cotton print and trace out a heart shape, then I turned it into an applique by using this method, except that I used a cut-away stabilizer and hand sewed around the heart shape with a small running stitch instead of using the sewing machine. After turning it right-side out and ironing it I started embellishing on the print. I used silk ribbon and beads to accent the print. When I felt that it was finished I took a verigated green Perle cotton thread and appliqued the heart onto the scarf using the long and short blanket stitch. Then I added a few colonial knots to the center area of the heart just so the heart would be stable.
This was my first time embellishing a print like this and also my first applique! It was really fun to do!

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