Friday, November 30, 2007

CQ Purse Blocks Side One Finished

Yesterday I concentrated on finishing up the first side of the CQ purse.
The night before I had stash tryouts, where you go through everything and see if it would work, and got a few ideas to do. I did do most of the ideas too.
Here is the overall block, I really enjoyed having fun with brighter colors I was going for a "floral playful victorian" feel. When I think of my friend and how she loves tea time, roses, sparkle, and fun lively colors, this is the result.
I added heart sequins with lime seed beads to the seam I had already done. Then I finished the roses, added some leaf sequins then I added a tatted flower I had made and saved. I added beads to the center of each of the flowers too. Last I added in stems, leaves, and some feather stitch with some fine YLI green silk floss. I just love the YLI silk floss, each strand is more fine than DMC cotton floss, it's so lightweight, and it's pretty easy to work with.
I added some tatting in a simple rings only edging I had made out of some variegated coats&clark cotton sewing thread, which is smaller than the average size 80 tatting thread. The thread was hard to work with (it would get sweaty too easy therefore make closing rings hard and I'd end up breaking the thread) so just this simple pattern was all I could do using it.
I then added alternating lighter and darker orange flower sequins with orange seed beads, also added 2mm silk ribbon leaves in ribbon stitch.
Below that I added feather stitch in the same sewing thread I used for the tatting, and put a butterfly on top.
I also added a cameo, it's plastic and I had my hubby put a hole on the top and bottom to sew through. I think he did it with a hot pin. I added light pink sweetheart roses around the cameo and then gold ones. Then I took one strand amber DMC floss and embroidered fly stitch branches and putting an amber bead at the bottom.
I added a line of sparkly green bugle beads to the inside seam of the fuzzy center piece.
Up top I stitched in wavy lines chain stitch in some variegated green cotton perle thread, put straight stitches of silk ribbon at the overlapping spots, and added lazy daisies and straight stitches in one strand matching DMC floss. Then I added the orange buttons with orange seed beads.
I added a large very light green button with a heart sequin and lime seed bead, and then put the feather stitch in the amber DMC floss along the seam, adding lazy daisy petals in orange DMC floss and bright pink size 15 seed beads.

Now on to the second block!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

This is fabulous! I love the way you have taken all these elements and combined them in one stunning work of art!

Debra Spincic said...

Very pretty work!