Saturday, December 01, 2007

This Year's Christmas Tree

Hi all, I finally got my tree up and decorated for this year. Every year I try to do it a little differently, but a few years ago I settled on a certain color scheme of gold, red, white, and crystal. Sometimes I get new ornaments, and add those in, and sometimes I leave some out some years and add them other years. Do any of you do that?
Here is a close up of a few of my favorites, just recently have I received some sentimental ornaments, a few years ago a lady in my church gave me the large round one with the spray of beads at the top (at bottom of photo) and when I put it on my tree I think of her. Then above that is a crazy quilt stocking that Lillian made for a swap, that I received. It's now one of those special ones too. Then this year I added the misshapen one I just made, and it will bring with it memories of making Christmas gifts and ornaments of this year as well as other memories that are still to come.

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas!!!

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A Life Inspired said...

We decorate our trees very similar! All the way down to the cascading gold ribbons. How funny. I actually got up to look at my tree's skirt; it's red, but the outer circle is dark green. I love combining old (from my youth)and newer ornaments.