Friday, December 07, 2007

CQ Purse Finished

I've finally finished the Purse!!! It was a little difficult with the bulk of embellishments and then the added bulk of straps to sew around but I got it done using a zipper-foot so that I could get right at the edge easier. I added pink with green ribbon for the handles, the green tie was reclaimed from a garment's straps for hanging, and the green cord I added for an extra long strap so she can put it on her shoulder or around her body. For the lining I used the same shiny bright green satin I also used in piecing the blocks, and I put iron on interfacing to the lining for extra stability.
Here is the before of the blank blocks.
Here is a look at this side before sewing it together.
And here is a look at this side before it was sewn together.

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***Jon**** said...

The bag is beautiful. I like the way you mix the colours together.