Friday, December 14, 2007

Embroidered Baby T's

I bought a set of baby t-shirts and embroidered on them. I used a lightweight cut-away stabilizer that I basted on the back, embroidered through it and then cut it down to around the embroidery.
First was a little monkey! He is mostly backstitch in 2 shades of brown with 2 strands floss. His banana is satin stitched in 2 yellows, and the branches he is sitting on are 2 shades of green using 2 strands floss and the stem stitch.
The little skateboarding dog is done in stem stitch using 1 strand floss for all the colors.
Last I did the Noah's Ark, and since I was getting a little bored of using the backstitch and stem stitch I only used them for the giraffe, bunny and bird. The giraffe has pistil stitch for it's horns, the bird has some buttonhole stitch for it's tail. The elephant is done in split stitch as well as the Ark. The bear is done all in 2 wrap french knots to give him a fuzzy look. The water is done in the whipped running stitch, which gives it a little extra ripple, I should have done the whipped backstitch for a more smooth look but I figure it still looks neat with the ripple effect to the waves.


coral-seas said...

Melissa, these are so cute and I love the different stitches you used on the animals in the ark, especially the fuzzy french knot bear.


Vanessa said...

How Adorable! I love the work you did on these baby "t's" - Way cute!
Great work!
Vanessa in Upstate NY

divya said...

Hi..I am new to embroidery..I like your work v much..Can you tell me what material i need to purchase to make baby "t's"

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone they were really fun to do!
What I did was by a 3 pack of Gerber baby t-shirts, washed and dried them. Then I used an iron on transfer for the design. I got a lightweight cut-away interfacing and cut out an amount that would cover the design and basted it to the back-inside the t-shirt. Then I placed the t-shirt in a small embroidery hoop and used DMC floss in 1 and 2 strands to embroider in the design. After I was finished I removed the basting and cut the cut-away interfacing to around the embroidery. Then I washed and dried them again.
You can embroider on any baby clothing, the tip is if it's a stretch fabric to use a cut-away interfacing.
To help the explanation better I think I'll create a blog post with links to stuff I use for you.

divya said...

Thanks a lot Melissa..