Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ornament for Wendy

The ornament I made for my annual church ornament exchange went well! I was happy that the ornament was "stolen" three times (white elephant style). Wendy had wanted the ornament but didn't end up with it so I told her I'd make one just for her! She's just so sweet and such a wonderful friend she deserves one of her very own! Wendy was also planning on making one but didn't get it done in time...SO she's going to make it just for me! We talked about it and want to make a tradition of exchanging hand-made ornaments with each other every year!
So for me a new tradition has been born, every year I'm going to make an ornament for our tree, the exchange, and for Wendy!
I've always wanted to make a silk ribbon poinsettia ever since I saw This Link. And the one that Carol-Anne did last year! Also I've seen the one Wendy is making and it's a red thread painted poinsettia. The poinsettia is made using 4mm silk ribbon and bullion-tipped lazy daisies. In the center I added gold lined size 15 seed beads, and around the poinsettia I embroidered fine gold fly stitch fern. After I sewed the ornament together I added a bead tassel using Swarovski crystals, and size 15 seed beads in clear and gold lined. I made sure on the back of the ornament is MA'07 for future reference.

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