Friday, December 28, 2007

Friendship Block Progress

I started working on this block some more, to finish it as a gift for my friend Wendy.
I started by adding green single strand DMC floss in feather stitch in the lower left, to which I added 4mm yellow ribbon stitch flowers and green size 15 beads. Then I added a bit of tatting just to the right. I've had this bock on my back burner for a while thinking it over and today I had Tea using my Royal Albert teapot and I was admiring the rose motifs and thinking they would make wonderful SRE motifs! I know Wendy loves that pattern too and the combination of red and yellow roses so in the lower right I started with a full yellow rose which I used 4mm silk ribbon starting with 3 colonial knots for the center and I worked twisted stem stitch around and around to make the rose. Then I added a nice 4mm red melanie rose for a side view and then I added pink rose buds trying out different things for different sizes using ribbon stitch. Then I used the fade-away pen and drew in foliage and then embroidered it in with stem stitch and ribbon stitch leaves. I also added a filigree butterfly to the green patch.
Then I had the idea to do a red and yellow sweetheart rose under friendship with ribbon stitch leaves around and I added 2 metal butterfly beads above.

I think this block is coming along nicely!

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