Friday, July 04, 2008

First Doily 4th Round Done

I've finally gotten the 4th round of my First Doily done and now I'm moving on to round 5! Almost finished just 2 more rounds to go! It's so fun to be tatting this as it grows bigger knowing that I'm creating a bit of lace! I just love that!
When I finished with this round it was puckered in the very center. I'm thinking that the center tension needed to be either tighter or the other rounds more loose, anyway I blocked and ironed it to lay flat before I continue on.


TattingChic said...

Very pretty! Good job. Isn't it fun to watch your doily grow? Speaking of growing, was your watermelon ripe today? Happy 4th of July to you, Gerard, China and Madie! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
This tatting is BEAUTIFUL! You must have a LOT of patience to tackle this. You've done a great job!
alicia in Hawaii

Melissa said...

Nope no ripe watermelon today...bummer but I'm expecting it to be ready any time now! It is a ton of fun to see the doily grow!

Thank you! It actually doesn't take that much patience at least to me at this time. Ever since I started embroidery and then tatting my patience has grown and grown, but really it doesn't take as much patience to do this doily as I thought it would although I do still have 2 more rounds to go to finish it. I do tend to bounce from project to project before getting one done so it may still take some time, but I am committed to finishing it...eventually! LOL

***Jon**** said...

The doily is prettier and prettier at you add the rounds. Beautiful work.

I have seen so many tatters posting about this doily that I just have to make it myself.

PookAmelie said...

Hi I am Mara an Italian impassioned of tatting: he has taught me him my grandmother when I was child. Very beautiful this doily and you are very skilful!

Ais said...

Hi Melissa, The doily looks really pretty! ANd...WOW! no curlly worly! Round 5 :)