Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Harvest Challenge: Q-Snap and a bit of Work

Since this block is so huge I didn't know how I was going to hold onto it during embellishment so I went ahead and bought the 17x17 inch Q-Snap and I sure am glad I did!!! It's perfect! Holds my block tight for me, makes it holdable so I can work on it, and it's square so no pinched corners like with a round hoop! I'm thrilled and started sewing on my block right away!
A few hours later, this is what I have on my block! You can click on any of the photos to see them closer.
I used some of my size 15 seed beads for the pink beads in the center of the hollyhocks, and I used some of the seed beads in the Challenge Packet for the centers of the roses!
I also used some of the Empress Silk and some bugle beads from the Challenge Packet to embellish the vintage lace.
I also used some green, red, and pink size 15 seed beads on the vintage lace.


PAULE said...

Using a Q-snap frame for embroidery seems a great idea. I'm going to give it a try.

Lynda said...

What a clever idea to use a flower as the centre of your crazy block! Looks great with all the embellishments too.

Melissa said...

I was hesitant to get a Q-Snap at first because it is so different from traditional hoops but I am so glad I got it, it really works perfectly for my project!
Thank you! I love the roses in the center too and I'm using them to inspire my work on the block.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Melissa, Good Day. I love your blog because it is sooo educational and lovely and so I have nominated you for the Brillante Weblog Premio award. Go to my blog and have a look. thanks Judy

Miss 376 said...

Think I will get some, need some for my blocks, like to be able to see the whole block I am working on.

Melissa said...

Miss 376,
Yes I also love to see the whole block at once and without the round hoop cutting corners! If I had known I'd have loved the Q-Snap I would have tried one sooner! I'll probably get another size soon too I'm thinking of maybe the 11x11 or the 8x8 since those would probably be the size for the blocks I normally work on.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much Judy! You are so sweet and it's such an honor that you choose me for the award!

TattingChic said...

That type of hoop does look like it is perfect for your block. I love the little beads you just added. I can't wait to see the whole thing embellished! It is pretty so for and I know it's going to be just smashingly gorgeous when you're done with it.

Melissa said...

Thanks TattingChic!
Sometimes it's hard for me to work on this block because it's a challenge piece and I kinda freeze up but I try not too, anyway much better about it than I used to be! It's that old perfectionist that gets me frozen! LOL

Judy S. said...

This is so pretty, Melissa. It will be fun to see the finished purse.