Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tea Party Planning!

In honor of my sister Joyce and my friend (of 15 years) Christina visiting me this month I'm going to be holding a Tea Party! My table only sits 12 at the most but I ended up inviting 14! LOL And I still have others I would have loved to invite, it's so hard to do that! Depending on how this tea party goes I might just have to hold another!
Above is the envelopes of the invites I wrapped a bit of pretty lace around them securing it with the sicker. For the Women I'm using Lady in front of their first name and for the Youth I'm using Miss in front of their name, but just to be special I put Lady for my sister even though she is still a youth.
I printed out both formal invitations and a Save The Date card, unfortunately I already sealed up all the formal invites so I cannot show you what it looked like other than it's on the peach card, but you can see the Save The Date card. Click on the photo to read what it says! (I blurred out the personal info) Yes that is right it's going to be a Dress-Up Themed Tea Party!!! I'm so excited and I bought a hat and a few accessories to dress up all Victorian! I'll post about that later when I have everything and do a trial dress up with my sister.
The Save The Date card I printed on Matte Photo Paper and then used a scrapbooking corner punch to emboss and cut. I also used a vintage image and faded it in a photo editing program for the print you see behind the words. These invites took a whole day to create!
Here is a little trial of what each place setting will look like. I haven't chosen linens yet, but at least I have some glass desert plates (12 matching) and tea cups and saucers only 6 of these tea cups that are matching and the rest will be random vintage cups I've collected. I promise to take photos when the table is set for the party!
I also printed place cards on business cards using a vintage image in a photo editing program.
I also bought on Etsy some transparent hand cut butterflies that come with little sticky bits to attach them to something from ClearCutCrafts Etsy Shop. These butterflies flew all the way from Australia! As you can see I'm going to attach one to each place card. Then each lady can take her place card and butterfly home!
I'm so so SO excited about this Tea Party! I hope everything goes well and it's a smashing success! OH OH I almost forgot to mention that my husband Gerard wants to dress up and be the Fancy Server! How lucky can a girl be!?!


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Your party sounds so fun; I can't wait to see the pictures! Please give us the menu!! And are your friends required to wear hats? That would be so fun!!

Melissa said...

Oh you gave me an idea! I'll take photos of us creating all the tea goodies and I'll post them too! Pretty much it's going to be an assortment of cookies, scones, sandwhiches, and I'm thinking of some strawberry shortcake too!
No one is required to wear hats, but just encouraged to "Dress-Up" in a fun way, it's anything goes kind.

marye said...

You set a beautiful the place cards. ;)

Anonymous said...

How exciting Melissa !!! I've been to a tea party before but have never thrown one myself.
You are going to have a blast, fun, fun !
The one I went to, everything was serve at the main table and from there you pick your own edibles. There was someone pouring the tea for all, now the hostess didn't use place cards, the sitting was anywhere in the main hall.
I truly enjoyed it and I know you and your sister are going to have a great Tea Party !!!

Melissa said...

I've had tea with a friend, at tea shops, and I've gone to a Womans Tea at church but I've never gone to an Afternoon Tea like I'm going to give! I'm so excited about it!
Yes it's going to be finger foods set out for everyone to take what they like, I like that style of Tea. Oh and I thought the place cards would be an extra special touch, plus it helps everyone take the guess work about where to sit.
I can't wait!

Lil said...

You didnt take a pic of your hat!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous and wish I could crash your partay! =) tee hee!

Melissa said...

I wish you could come too!!! I will take a photo in due time...patience...patience...HAHAHA!!!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

It WILL be a smashing success! I am looking forward to hearing how it went and in the meantime I'll be a little sad that I cannot attend.
Your husband is the coolest!

TattingChic said...

Oh, how fun. Your invitations look very nice and the settings and place cards are oh, so elegant! You are going to have a ball...well, maybe not a ball...more like a tea party, really...LOL!

Melissa said...

Thank you LadyShuttleMaker and TattingChic! It would be so fun if I could have a tea party with my online friends too! Maybe one day we could all meet at a Tea Room in LasVegas! Wouldn't that be neat?

TattingChic said...

LOL! That would be a tin o' fun!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Melissa... that's soo nice... Everything looks so perfect. You know what? Now I envy all of you! There aren't cute tea parties like yours here. :-( You've done a great job so far, the party can't be other than perfect. Remember to prepare the batteries for your camera, you'll have to take many pictures to share with us later!