Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Strength CQ Block: figuring out the tree

Well here is my fiddling idea for the tree. My plan is to applique the trunk, I've never done applique before so that's something new! LOL I found a hand applique video on YouTube that made it seem easy, only difference for me is I can't iron on freezer paper to crushed velvet! HA But still it's needle turning so I need to figure out what shape I want the finished trunk to be.
The leaves area is going to be large puffy silk velvet that I plan on wrinkling up and getting it really textured maybe using some beads so it's not going to look like it does in this photo. LOL
The roots are a textured yarn that I looped and twisted, I still have a few more roots I need to add and I think I need to get those sewn on before I applique the trunk.
Anyway the applique has me intrigued there is some really pretty stuff out there not just folk art type which is what I associated it with before. Here is a blog that got me interested in applique she's got some really pretty stuff and I love how it's mixed with embroidery too.
I love how with crazy quilting you get to mix the types of needlework there are! So fun!


Miss 376 said...

The leaves and the roots are fantastic. Can't wait to see how this one comes together

Kathy said...

It's coming along nicely. Well rooted too. Can't wait to see how you bead the leaves.

TattingChic said...

WOW~ That is going to look so totally cool when it is all done! I love it so far! I seriously cannot wait to see the progress on this one! I love how the sky isn't all just one color of blue, but the lines (seams) of the different patterns and hues all converge on the tree so it doesn't compete with the focal point, but enhances it! LOVE it! :)

Melissa said...

Thank you!!! You are so encouraging!