Friday, January 15, 2010

Lillian's Hankie Block: Progress

I don't usually keep track of how many hours it takes me to finish a piece so I'm trying to diligently keep track of time as I work on this block! So far I've spent 5 hours on it.
I added pearls to the blue and pink hankies!
I also added onto the seam treatment around the silkie. I used pastel pink TESS Sleave Silk thread in lazy daisy stitch with 2 small straight stitches on either side! Then I used a small bugle bead in pastel blue at the top of each scallop.
I think the seam treatment gives the silkie a pretty frame!
At the top I created a running stitch flight path in 1 strand of variegated floss. A butterfly in variegated 4mm silk ribbon using two lazy daisy stitches and two ribbon stitches with a couple of straight stitches in the floss for antenna.
For a touch of color in the lace around the silkie, no beads or stitches looked right there so what I did was create "shadow work" by using the blue 4mm silk ribbon in one large straight stitch beneath the tip of the lace and then tacking it down from the top of the lace. What it creates is just a hint of color through the lace!


Lil said...

All of these dainty little touches! It is loverly!

Nicki Lee said...

I just love your hankie block - so girlie and so very pretty. I have a huge collection of hankies and now, after seeing your block, I am anxious to start a CQ block using some of them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and for the inspiration.

Cathy K said...

This is going from lovely to lovelier with every stitch! The colored ribbon under the lace was an inspired idea; don't be surprised if you see other people "borrowing" it, LOL. Good to see you're still doing CQ, although I miss you at CQI. Hugs, Cathy

Melissa said...

Thanks Everyone!
Cathy I'm all good with "borrowing" the whole point of blogging is to share ideas, inspire an be inspired!