Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New Phone Pouch

I made a new phone pouch for my new phone with it's new pink glitter case!  I've made these pouches ever since I learned how from Lilla!  Lilla has a tutorial on her blog for how to make a folded fabric pouch!  They are so easy and cool and you can make them in any size!  I've made tons for cell phones and some for tablets, and then a few random sized pouches for odds and ends.

I went to make one today, and the first one was a little small, so instead I will use it as and odds and ends pouch in my purse it will probably hold lip gloss or something.  Then I made a second one which fit the phone perfectly!

I like doing different things with the flaps, so I tucked in the corners just a little and top stitched them into place.  Then I added a few reclaimed beaded appliques.  The larger one for the random pouch, and a smaller one for my phone since I get it out way more often.

I don't add any closures  to these pouches, they just don't need it most of the time.  I would only do it if I knew whatever it was would need it, or was not staying inside without it.  But for a cell phone, a closure is just annoying and makes you take longer to whip the phone out, this way it just slips right out and back easily, but is protected by the fabric when it's put away!

Can you see the photo of my recent new stash addition is now my lock-screen photo!  It's perfect for it!

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margaret said...

such pretty purses Melissa, another tutorial to check out, thanks