Saturday, March 02, 2013

CQJP 2013: Block for March

Here's my block for March!  Of course the piecing of the block didn't go like I expected it, and I used different fabrics than I thought I was going to.  And then to top it all off the cameo I used for inspiration will not work on it!!! LOL  But hey I still love the color inspiration and I was able to use a piece of my new trim I got yesterday!

You see that bit of tatting I stitched in an arch to the side of the cup?  Well that tatting I had salvaged back in 2007 when I was at a tatter's meeting and the lady next to me had to cut out a portion of her work!  I blogged about it here: Tatting Heartbreak!

So finally after saving it for a few years in my stash it has finally found it's home!  As you can see I was only able to keep the thicker portion.  I cut away all the hanging strings and cut rings and then I ironed it and closed the flower rings, which had rings cut out, to look like smaller flowers.  Then I simply hand stitched it into place.

I'm going to embellish it further with beads and such to make a nice luscious motif!


margaret said...

this is a lovely cup and saucer print you have this month and the tatting shows it off a treat, what a good rescue you have done with it.

johala6@yahoo. said...

I love the colors of this block! Very elegant!
Have a nice day!