Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tarnished Gold: Beads Added

 I've added beads to a few more areas and now I'm at the place where I need to sit on it a while to see if it's done.  I'm debating over adding some sparkle to the bits of lace I added recently, but nothing feels right so far.

 I added some golden bugle beads that are in a slanted pattern like this: / \ / \ / \

 In this area I added some gold beads to the center of the roses, and a slanted lightly tinted transparent bugle beads at the top.

And in the rings of the tatting I added some more of the golden bugle beads to give the hint of sparkle in a flower shape.


Marjolein said...

Sometimes it is hard to decide when it is enough. My personal "rule" is: every addition must be an improvement. It it doesn't: don't add it.

Nancy in Dallas said...

Each and every time I see your work it amazes me! Beautiful work and such talent.

All things beautiful said...

Very pretty! Admire your creativity... & patience :)