Friday, November 09, 2012

Tarnished Gold: Tons Accomplished

 I sat down to work a little more and ended up doing a ton of stuff!  I dyed a bit of lace and added it to several places, the silkie, the upper right and the upper left.  It seems that only a few finishing touches are left until this block is finished!

Since the center fabric print has just the faintest hint of a lavender color and I had added some tiny clear lavender flower beads to the silkie when I was embellishing it, I added those same lavender flower beads along the lace in the upper right then I took them and added them in the rose motif and used them to "point" and bring the eye around and back down to the silkie.  I also added a similar flower bead that is champagne colored and added it to the tatting in the lower left and alternating with the lavender ones in the upper right lace.

I also added a be in the lower left using a interesting bead that my friend Lillian gave me that when I saw it I instantly thought BEE!

 The bee is made using the amber and black bead for the body, some black seed beads for the eyes and   The wings are worked in the lazy daisy stitch using some Rachelette by Caron tubular thread that has a metallic thread running through it.  Then I used some metallic floss to give the wings some definition.

 In the upper right corner I added the dyed lace and a label that my friend Lillian also gave me.  I thought it looked perfect, from the word, to the rose, to the frayed ends!
I added some of the dyed lace to the bottom of the silkie to additionally frame it.


Connie said...

Your work is simply beautiful! (-;

Corina said...

Good job, it looks great!

Gerry Krueger said...

I've been following this block and you have made all the right choices... It is truly lovely,
Gerry Krueger

Bonnie said...


Marjolein said...

You did a great job, Melissa!
It is very pretty!

an angry Bunnie said...

You have inspired me to learn how to crazy quilt. I know mine will never compare to yours.. but there is always that hope! =D Thanks for inspiration!

Quayceetatter said...

Beautiful work, love the tatting and the bird!!

traderslostart said...

I have watched this block grow before my eyes. Your work is truly inspired. Every single addition brings more beauty to it. The bee is pure perfection, as is the rest of this delightful block!