Saturday, July 17, 2010

2010 ESD Enchanted Challenge: Fairy Treasure - Pieced Blocks

I finished piecing the blocks and got them cut to proper size today! I believe this is the final configuration and it's ready to sew together! I bought a few new green fabrics that I also included so some centers aren't the same as I originally planned, but I think it's better!
The rules stated to use half the fabrics included in the package and there were 13 pieces and I used 7 all six of the greens and the shimmery-striped fabric that the fairy silkie will sit on. It was for sure a challenge because some of the greens weren't my fave shades so I had a puzzle to mix and match all the different shades of greens. I love how it turned out with lots of texture.
I also cut out the silkie in an oval shape and I love how the leaf beads look around the edge! I need to buy another string of the leaf beads! LOL I'm also thinking of ways to add more foliage around the silkie too.
As for my little background story I think my fairy's name will be either Emerald or Peridot I can't make up my mind which, but Peridot is a more golden-green so I think it may fit better. Which do you all think her name should be?

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