Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 ESD Enchanted Challenge: Fairy Treasure - Sewn Together

Here's what Fairy Treasure is looking like all sewn together, I choose to sew all the blocks together before embellishment because I wanted a more wholeness effect rather than separate blocks and the best way to do that is to sew them all together first and then embellish from there as a whole piece. There is never a right or wrong way for crazy quilting only personal preference! Gotta love that!
It's really hard to photograph this piece with all the shades of green and surfaces of fabric the camera lens just doesn't see it the same as my eyes, some things look right and then other things look wrong so as I go along I'll be trying to figure out the best way to take photos too. Accurate photos always seem to be the thorn in my side! LOL Hey at least in these photos it seems that my textures turned out pretty well, you can see the texture of the silk velvet pieces really well which I purposely wrinkled up when piecing the blocks for the yummy soft effect.
I tacked the silkie down with invisible thread and then I started doing the split stitch around it with green silk ribbon. There are jewelery pieces that will be attached in spots over the split stitch boarder on the top-bottom-side-to-side, and from there I'll be creating vines coming out!
I'm trying to do as much as I can with this piece right away while I still have excitement fueling me because I know there will be times where I may get a little stuck and I want to give myself room to take my time during those moments without the deadline looming over me! LOL

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