Monday, July 26, 2010

Monogram Tote Bag: E

This Tote is for Elizabeth! She never has a favorite color for long because all the colors are her favorite! She also loves to do crafts etc. so I had to do her "E" crazy quilt style!
It was a bit of a challenge to piece being the odd shape it was! What I did was draw out the 'E' onto foundation fabric and then I started on the middle prong and pieced to the center and then went down and out the bottom prong and up and out the top prong. Of course I used ALL KINDS of fun fabrics because just like she likes all colors she likes all fabrics too! LOL
When I finished piecing I cut out the 'E' and sewed it onto the bag using the zig-zag stitch and a variegated green thread.
To embellish I sewed on a yellow butterfly applique, assorted buttons, a working locket she can add a photo to, a scissors charm, and a gold tone cross-stitch needle since it has a rounded tip!
I used a pink metallic thread and tied a knot at the end and a knot onto the end of the needle and put the knot on the top of the fabric to be seen and then did some running stitch randomly until I got the needle to where it would stay. Once in the spot I took beading thread and tacked down the eye so that the needle can't fall out!
It can't get any more perfect and fitting than that!
I just know she will love it!


shirley said...

Great Bag, Love the colours.

Cathy K said...

Melissa, this is such a fantastic idea! Why don’t you submit it to Rissa at CQMagOnline as an article?!? Hugs from an old friend and fan, Cathy

Melissa said...

Awww Thanks Cathy, is it easy to submit it as an article? Would I leave everything as is or would it need to be written differently?