Friday, August 13, 2010

Monogram Tote Bag: R

Here is Robyn's tote bag! Her request was hearts so I cut out a bunch of hearts she also likes polka-dots so I coordinated different polka-dot prints with a floral print for the 'R'. Even the floral print has tiny little polka-dots as a background for the flowers! I also tied some eyelash yarn in a bow on the handle.
I used a heart for the hole of the 'R' as well to keep the heart theme going!
To add a little sparkle I sewed green and pink sequins on with invisible thread to polka-dot the inside of the 'R'.


Suztats said...

Love the way you carried the themes throughout, and the heart in the R. So creative!


Enjoyed viewing your blog! You are creatively having fun with those tote's! Very personalized!