Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 ESD Enchanted Challenge: Fairy Treasure - Buttons, Jasmin, Maiden Hair Fern

I added in some lost buttons with a scalloped chain stitch around them for a seam treatment.
For the Jasmine seam treatment I started by fiddling with a vintage rhinestone earring and I liked the curved shape when I saw it so I stitched it down and drew a wavy line down the rest of the seam and stitched that in stem stitch with a metallic thread. Then I added stems and ribbon stitch leaves, next I added three loop stitches with vintage rhinestones in the centers for the flowers. I used a veriagated 4mm ribbon that is cream with a hint of golden yellow.
I got the idea to try and create Maiden Hair Fern so I google searched images and I was sweetly surprised to see that it would be easy to do! You see Maiden Hair Fern stems look exactly like a feather stitch and I thought a ribbon stitch in 7mm that has a looped tip instead of a pointy tip would work perfect for the leaves! I used a spare needle to keep the loop tip in place as I created them. To create different sizes of leaves I varied from 1, 2 and 3 stitches side by side since the leaves are fan shaped.

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Bobbi Pohl said...

I love the look of this. Very pretty.