Friday, August 27, 2010

Teaching Crazy Quilting!

Jessica wanted to learn Crazy Quilting and she had bought a little sewing machine and brought it over to learn to use! So I taught her how to piece a block! She is so excited about it! She started embellishing it too! She added a piece of vintage lace and started a seam treatment!
We used a wavy line and doubled it one wave will be light purple and the other wave will be pink! I taught her the chain stitch to work the waves in!


Andi Lia said...

That must be fun! If only I live close to you, I'd probably asked you to teach me too :)

riona said...

It's lovely to see young people take an interest in textile arts. I just finished up an on-line course in encrusted crazy quilting back in June and love the whole concept. By the way, that's one cool little sewing machine pictured in the background. I am old enough to have seen, though not used, treadle machines. And my "portable" sewing machine is portable only if you are Arnold Schwarzenaeger!

Melissa said...

Thanks Andi I have a tutorial here on my blog to teach how I do CQ called "How to CQ"

It is a cute machine but it is a pain to work with I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, her mom said she could get a better machine if she really starts sewing and stuff though.