Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 ESD Enchanted Challenge: Fairy Treasure - Bead Flower Motif

Here is a motif I created to use some of the beads in the challenge packet. She didn't include very many beads to choose from only 3 types and 2 of them would look totally wrong on my block since they aren't within my color theme. BUT there were some yellow flower beads that would work but they had a more greenish tint to them rather than the more golden yellow I'm using. So what I did was find other flower beads in my stash that were green and yellow and I mixed them all together and started a flower bead motif which I added silk ribbon to and some french knot spikes and a few "found" trinkets and treasures.
For leaves I created a puffy leaf by doing a looped french knot just like for the little french knot flowers BUT I didn't add a second french knot with thread but just left it looped.
You see the yellow flower that looks kinda stripped at the tip of the motif? That is the challenge packet's bead flower. I used 3 of each flower bead in the motif.
To all that I added a couple of gems a little working locket, and a key.


Ruby said...

I love the motif itself but what I really like to see is the placement. I have fallen in the rut of always putting button clusters within a single patch. I love how it crosses several patches and covers that intersection. I'll be looking for it on the next full block post. Thanks

Wendy said...

Wowzerz!!! It is beautiful!!!

shawkl said...

Love it! Great idea to blend the different colors to make the yellow work as well!

Probably a silly question....but what is ESD?