Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 ESD Enchanted Challenge: Fairy Treasure - Challenge Thread

In the challenge we are to use half the threads and fibers, this sometimes presents a tough spot to be in thus creating the "challenge" LOL! For me I want to stay withing the color theme of my piece and some of those threads don't fit that at all! That being said I have to use some to meet the requirements, but at the same time I don't want to compromise my vision!
So I started using the overdyed challenge thread (which is really nice to work with BTW) for a half circle blanket stitch. That alone wasn't enough you could see obvious pink and blue shades so I started fiddling with it to see if I could fool the eye into thinking you aren't really seeing colors that don't go. What I came up with was to do a second blanket stitch half circle over the top of the first one and then add a green pearl! AND IT WORKED!!! You still see the colored thread underneath but it feels right, and not like a compromise, the impression is of green stronger than other colors yet those colors are still there peeking from under the green wool thread!
I'm happy that I met the challenge while keeping the color theme of my piece!


Tatskool said...

The colours look so rich, it's gonna be gorgeous.

Maggie Ann said...

Oooh thats beautiful!

Karen said...

Very inspired idea!! Such a beautiful quilt.